Stitch-n-Sew / Needlework

Strawberry hats

"strawberry field" story

the very first hat was knitted in Jerusalem - spring 2003 (all cotton threads)

The same hat at the end of 2004 in DC

The first and the second (Red Heart Super saver yarn) - August 2004, Cleveland, OH

#3 was not pictured (wool-easy yarn), #4 is below

Red Heart Soft yarn and cotton thread, twisted stitches, no seams - December 2006

#5, for Arielle in VA

#6, for Julie Ko in MD

#7 (no picture) for Mira in MA

#8 - in MD

#9 - for Madison (daughter of my daughter's teacher in K)

#10 for Katya in MD

#11 for Alice in MI

#12 (no picture) for Sasha in MD

#13 for Anya in MN, #14 for Sonya in IN, #15 for Masha in Ireland

Crocheted set - 2007

strawberry farm - summer 2008